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Striking the right note with every brand- Consistency and Quality since 2009.


Behind every successful clothing brand is a committed and trustworthy manufacturer.

Weaver Apparel is one such reliable, full-service clothing manufacturer for many brands from around the world. After relentless developing, sourcing and checking, we directly procure the finest fabrics from different parts of the world. We have two manufacturing units in Jordan and Vietnam and a few others in India to meet the required demand.

With our fully-compliant factories, superior designing and cutting-edge technologies, we provide comprehensive services ranging from sampling to bulk production.


A team of experts with the distinguished Prabu Sivagurunathan at the helm.

Weaver was Founded in 2009. Prior to founding Weaver, Prabu Sivagurunathan, our founder worked in different companies and had travelled extensively to 20+ countries and gained extensive knowledge about sourcing apparel from different countries and analysing the strength and weakness of different countries. He decided to start in Jordan and Vietnam and later added India to complete and offer all kinds of apparel category and product.
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A team of creative and technical experts with the distinguished Prabhu Sivagurunathan at the helm

Apart from being suppliers to several private and branded labels. Weaver Apparel has its own showrooms in New York. These two showrooms have some of our best creations and novel ideas for men’s wear and women’s wear.

We showcase the latest trendy clothes with the colours of the season combined with innovative trims and fabrics. The showrooms keep us connected with the customers, which often lends us a fresh perspective on consumer needs.

[The Management Team]

The Management team of Weaver Apparel

Chief Representative – Vietnam

Textile engineer with 20+ years of extensive knowledge in textile and apparel manufacturing.

Chief Representative – Jordan

25+ years of experience in Apparel
Industry and has worked in different countries in the middle east and Africa.

Chief Representative – India

An Engineer with 20+ years of extensive knowledge in textile and apparel manufacturing.


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